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I didn’t always have a passion for dogs. Don’t get me wrong, I always had a love for animals of all types. I just didn’t have a true passion for dogs. In part, because I just didn’t have time for it. What changed you ask? Let me tell you….here’s my story.

I entered the work force at the age of 15 and had an active lifestyle. In my late twenties I started a 17 year career in the Banking Industry. While that was paying the bills, I was looking for more, so I made a career change into Retail Management in 2012. That same year I suffered a back injury at work leaving me with a permanent disability and unable to work a full time.

With no work for me outside of the home, I spent ALL of my time with our three dogs. Bacon who was a 14 year old Beagle, Rally who is a 4 year old Brittany, and Blitz who is a 2 year old Brittany. This quality time strengthened our bond like no other. I was refocusing my energy on my dogs instead of spending all my time thinking about all the things I could no longer do because of my injury.

I struggled to find work that could accommodate my permanent restrictions. That is, until I reached out to Rebekah, the Owner and Lead Trainer of RUFF Academy Real Life Dog Training in September of 2016. I hoped and prayed that she would need someone just a few hours a week to take care of some administrative work. Lucky for me, she needed just that! A year later I am the Office Manager and aspire to become a dog trainer, in a limited capacity of course.

We now have a one and a half year old Chocolate Lab (our first Lab) named Lambeau. He is the first dog we’ve ever enrolled in training and after the first class we were hooked! Lambeau has since completed Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Obedience, Agility 1 and is enrolled to begin Intro to Nose Work. I also hope to train him to be a Service Dog to assist me in picking up dropped items and for stability. We of course still have our two Brittany’s Rally and Blitz which completes our Pack!

My hobbies include running my dogs everyday in a near by wooded park with a pond for swimming, spending time with my husband walking in the woods (and yes, our dogs too!), Photography, and cooking.