Next level of training to proof commands and create great response in distraction

Now that you know your dog knows English you are ready to go to the next level!! Basic fundamentals are necessary to build off from and learning what these mean is incredibly important!  Can they do a basic sit when you are creating distraction?  Can they do a basic down with some distance?  Are they paying attention to the command or a hand signal?  We will cover these things in our Intermediate level!!


 Intermediate Commands: 

✓  Heel Command
✓  Wait command
✓  Recall Distraction with dogs/toys/etc.
✓  Return to Heel (finish)
✓  Duration with Stays
✓  Distance/Duration/Distraction
✓  On your bed
✓  Heel Command/Return to Heel
✓  1-3 minute stays
✓  Recall work
✓  Wait​


For dogs 5 months and older.
For any dogs size, breed or mix.
Dogs that show any type of aggression would not be in this class. Any questions please feel free to Email Us.

Any students that have graduated Basic Level 1 is eligible for this class.
Classes run approx. 1 hour in length and are consecutively 6 weeks, unless a holiday or weather permitting.
Course fee is $95.00

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