fundraising calendars

Every year, RUFF Academy works with local animal groups to raise money for a variety of needs through the production of these calendars.
Our 2023 Calender raised funds for Pawsitism and Sandi Paws Rescue. Proceeds benefit the training of Autism Service dogs and allow for better care of dogs in need.


Every Participate MUST sign a waver.   Agreeing to:

  • Volunteer all time, talents, cars, and dogs.
  • All photos are owned by ACE Photography and RUFF Academy Real Life Dog Training.
  • All photos are used to raise money for local rescues.
  • No Compensation of any kind will be given to any participant.
  • All participants will receive recognition in the publication of the calendar.
  • All money raised will be split as follows: 
    • Cost of printing
    • The rest of the money will be split 50/50 between Sandi Paws Animal Rescue and Pawsitism Inc.
  • Pin-Up Pup Project Calendar photographs are owned by ACE Photography and RUFF Academy Real Life Dog Training. You waive your right to approve the finished photography, advertising copy, social media, print material or electronic files that may be used in conjunction with the photographs and/or movies. 
Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement 
I understand that participation in the Pin-Up Pup Project Calendar is not without risk to me. 
I do not hold: RUFF Academy Real Life Dog Training, Sandi Paws Animal Rescue, Pawsitism Inc., ACE Photography, or Automobile Owner liable for any injury that may occur to me, my family or guests who may attend any of the Pin-Up Pup Calendar events I participate in. 
I unconditionally waive and release, RUFF Academy Real Life Dog Training,Sandi Paws Animal Rescue, Pawsitism Inc., ACE Photography, or Automobile Owner, its staff, volunteers from all liability for injury which I or any member of my family or guests suffers, including but not limited to damage or injury resulting from the action of any dog, car or participant in the Pin-Up Pup Project Calendar photoshoot. 
I expressly assume the risk of any such damage or injury while attending Pin-Up Pup Project Calendar Photoshoot.

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