Private Training

Good manners are always in fashion – bring out the best in your dog.

Our private training packages are for those dog/family teams that thrive on the convenience of lessons in their home. In addition, some situations (such as setting your puppy up for in home success prior to attending
puppy class, and resolving fear, aggression, and separation problems) are more effectively and appropriately addressed in private lessons rather than in a group class.

Private training can be done by itself or in combination with group classes or other services. After your initial free half hour in-home consultation, we offer individual lessons or specialized packages. Private lessons can be scheduled in your home or at one of our training facilities.

During your consult, our trainer(s) will be more than happy to discuss your options and help pick the right one for you and your dog. Please be aware that packages have a six month expiry from time of purchase. Appointments are available 5 days a week. Please review our cancellation / change policy.

Each lesson is one (1) hour. Please see below for details.

Please be sure to fill out our consult form. You can choose to pay for your session(s) in advance or at the time of your first appointment.

Please be sure set up your free half hour in-home consult using our scheduler or contact us.

Individual In-Home Lesson


A single one (1) hour session for specific issues discussed with your trainer during your consultation, or for additional lessons after your package is completed.

Starter In-Home Package

$180 (2 lessons)

This level is for minor issues. Refresher of obedience along with leash work, behavioral discussion and foundation work.

Basic In-Home Lessons

$360 (4 lessons)

This level is for basic issues not regarding aggression such as barking, potty training, walking on Leash, pack work within the home, learning foundation skills and basic commands.

Advanced In-Home Lessons

$720 (8 lessons) Or 3 monthly payments of $240

This level is to work on boundary control, recall work, advanced skills for the house and car, and reliability on or off leash. Extended sits, downs, and focus work.

RUFF Dog Aggressive Training Package

$900 (8 lessons) or 3 monthly payments $300
This package is for dog reactivity (such as the dog goes over the top when they see other dogs with no control), or dog aggression incidents leading to police reported bite records and/or vet care of another animal. This is leash handling skills, reactivity desensitization, socialization skills and the BEST OPTION when it comes to dog aggression.

The first 4 lessons will be on introducing training tools and learning basic fundamental skills and obedience commands. The next 4 lessons we work on applying this basic obedience to different situations, scenarios, dogs, and reactivity scenarios.

We provide the necessary skills, tools and obedience to be able to desensitize and socialize your pup. For dog aggression incidents leading to bite records, second level training tools are used. It is all about management and recognizing behavior.

Training tools will be discussed in the consultation to determine the best set up for you and your dog.

Puppy Package

$360 (4 lessons)

This package is all about the basics. Sit, come, down, crate training, potty training, leave it. All the items needed to start the foundation of training. This package is for dogs under six (6) months of age.

Therapy Dog Training Package

$720 (8 lessons) or 3 monthly payments of $240

This package is all about getting your dog certified for therapy work. We go through all the prep work and Canine Good Citizen Test in order to achieve therapy dog certification! Please be sure to use the free in-home consult to determine if this is right for your dog.

Starter Ecollar Package

$375 (2 lessons)

This package includes the Mini Educator Ecollar and a 10 foot lead given at the first session, along with a lesson and then another follow up lesson to help you get started in your adventure with off Leash work!

Service Dog Training

Package Price Full: $ 2210 or 4 monthly payments of $552.50
This is for individuals looking to train their own dog and need help understanding the ADA laws, how their dog should be in public and guidance through the process. An evaluation of the resident dog would be needed first to proceed with training.

This package includes :

Canine Good Citizen ( 4 sessions )

Task Training ( 4 sessions )

Public Access Training ( 18 sessions )

– Total hours 26 Sessions.


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