Urban Agility

Creativity with the outdoors!

Urban Agility is a skills building class. Canine Parkour is a fun sport, where dogs interact (run, climb, balance over, crawl under, walk on, go around, get inside, etc.) with every day objects/obstacles in there every day world. Our Dog Parkour class will focus on teaching you and your dog foundation skills for interacting in safely maneuvering every day obstacles. Once your new dog of the skills you can do parkour practically anywhere such as: parks, trails, backyard, indoors, outdoors, (yes even inside your home) because anything can be used as an obstacle (chairs, benches, rocks, poles, branches, trees, furniture, boxes, etc.) doing Dog Parkour is an excellent way to boost your dogs conference, and it was great physical and mental activity for the dog regardless of age or breed.


✓  Jump
✓  Climb
✓  Balance over
✓  Crawl
✓  Under
✓  Walk on
✓  Go around
✓  Get inside

Class open to any breed and size
Class size is limited to 4 dog/handler teams
Course fee is $95 and consecutively runs for 4 weeks lasting 1 Hour.

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