Canine Good Citizen

Good manners are always in fashion - bring out the best in your dog.

We love this area because it means that you want more than just basics! We can help you with achievements like AKC Star Puppy, Canine Good Citizen, Community Canine, and Urban Canine. Our Canine Good Citizen series tests occur in true, real life environments where it really matters.
We strongly believe a dog needs to be observed in a fresh environment, outside of the training facility. Dogs are situational based learners and the tests should demonstrate a generalized understanding in ANY environment, not just where they already know!

Level 1: Canine Good Citizen

This class prepares you and your dog for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test, a test which demonstrates your dog’s general good manners and your responsibility in a simulated “real life” environment.  Once you complete this workshop, you can schedule your CGC Test! ($12 additional fee)

*Are you interested in certifying your dog as a therapy dog?  Most organizations require the CGC certificate as a prerequisite.  Please contact us if you are interested in more information on certifying your dog as a therapy dog!

Recommended prerequisites: Obedience levels 1-3  
Course fee $65
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Level 2: Community Canine

This is the second level for Pet Therapy certification after you and your dog have passed the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) class!  This class prepares you and your dog for the AKC Community Canine Good Citizen (CGCA) test which is a more advanced test of your dog’s skills in true real world scenarios. Once you complete this workshop, you can schedule your CGCA Test! ($12 additional fee)  
Prerequisite: CGC certificate
Course fee $65 for each level

Level 3: Urban Canine

This is the third level for Pet Therapy certification!  This class prepares you and your dog for the the AKC Urban Canine Good Citizen test in a setting that includes traffic, crowds, noises, smells and other distractions that are present in a city or town.  AKC Urban Canine Good citizen test is a public access test that demonstrates dogs are well-behaved and well-trained when in public, dog friendly settings. Once you complete this workshop, you can schedule your Urban Canine Good Citizen Test! ($12 additional fee) 
Prerequisite: CGC and CGCA certificates
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