RUFF Nose Work

Help them use their sniffer to find great things!

Nose Work is a fun engaging activity in which dogs work one at a time to find and identify different sense. This class could help your dog to build confidence in you environments and burn excess energy, while learning a new brand new set of skills. Keep in mind, since dog handler teams work one at a time, dogs will be crated during their own downtime, so it’s important that your dog can handle confinement during class.

Intro to Nose Work

If you knew the front nose work, you will love how much mental and physical exercise your dog gets well here she is learning to search using methods based on detection and search and rescue dog training. You don’t need a yard or bulky equipment to play this game and any dog can play large, small, old or young. Mini blind, deaf and disable dogs have become competitive and K9 knows work. K9 knows work also is safe. Each dog runs alone and all other dogs are kept well away from the searchers to make every dog handler team feel confident.

Nose Work 1

Now that your dog has understood how was work works we now like to introduce different orders and how to pair them with reinforcement. Dogs are going to learn how to use their nose and begin to establish how to work with you, as well as independently as a team.

Nose Work 2

Nose work to use for teams at either nose work one or knows or two level. Searches are altered as necessary to match the level of each team. With an emphasis on having fun, we will help you to continue to develop the special-education and bond between you and your dog that does work is known for.

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