Small Dog Basic Obedience

Help your small dog build confidence in themselves and the world.

The concept of small dog obedience classes has come about because it is the perfect environment with other dogs under 35 pounds and over 5.5 months of age to learn in a group class setting with Dogs of a similar size.
In addition to basic manners skills like in our basic obedience commands such as sit, down, stay, come when called, and impulse control, 
this course has an emphasis on small dog issues such as handling, excessive barking, and improving social skills. This course will help you learn how to help your small dog happily engage in the training adventure, to build their confidence in themselves In different environments, and to prove to people that small dogs can be Social, have manners and have a blast to Train.

Small Dog Obedience Commands:

✓  Watch Me
✓  Sit, down
✓  Come when called
✓  Impulse control
✓  Leash manners
✓  Leave it
✓  Confident greetings
✓  Housetraining
✓  Curbing excessive barking
✓  Improving social skills


For Dogs 5.5 months and older
For Dogs of any breed or mix that are under 25 pounds
This class is appropriate for beginners as well as Dogs that have had some previous training
Dogs should have no aggression history. If you aren’t sure what this means, please email us.
The course fee is $95 for 6 consecutive one hour classes.

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