basic – level 1

Focused training in a safe environment

We work on basic commands, manners and behaviors, reactions to distractions, pre-work for Level 2! Teach your dog your language!
Class is held indoors in the winter and outdoors in the summer with trail walks to introduce working in nature!

Basic Commands:

✓  sit,
✓  down,
✓  stay,
✓  leave it/drop it,
✓  loose leash walking,
✓  auto-sit,
✓  watch me,
✓  heel introduction,
✓  shake​


For dogs 10 weeks and older.

For any dogs, any breed, or mix.

This is for new dogs or dogs coming back as a refresher course.

Classes run approx. 1 hour in length and are consecutively 6 weeks, unless a holiday or weather permitting.Dogs that show any type of aggression would not be in this class. Any questions please feel free to Email Us. Course fee is $ 95.

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