Megan Harrison “Harri”


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Megan began her dog enthusiast adventure two years ago when we adopted “Luna.” Luna and Megan participated in several classes and activities including obedience, agility, urban parkour and nosework to name a few.  She is passionate about dogs and helping owners develop improved handling skills, bonds and an enthusiasm for all aspects of training fun with their dogs.  She is currently interning with us at Ruff and has thoroughly enjoyed the board and train aspect of Ruff!

Megan works in the healthcare field and the opportunity to intern with Ruff has allowed her to satisfy her passion for working with animals.  Megan grew up on a dairy farm and has been around animals since she was young.  Those experiences have helped drive her passion and knowledge of animals great and small.

Megan and her husband Samuel, share their home and hearts with Harley (pitty rescue #1), Luna (pitty rescue #2) and three horses.