Board & Train

Professional training for your Pup!
Board and Train is a chance to get the dog out of the house, work with professional trainers and in some cases
a re-do of Basic fundamentals. They learn consistently and schedules along with skills in the home.


Board and Train is an option that people have used for either specific behaviors that need more close attention or for training to be done with their Pup while on vacation. It is wonderful way to give the dog a second chance to get things right and for our trainers to teach “you,” the owner what to do to manage the behavior.
You receive 1 follow up session for every week your dog is in Board and Train and you also receive a training session when you pick up your dog!

To schedule Board and Train follow the following steps:

1.  Check with San Villa Kennels. to see if they have an opening.

2.  If they do, schedule a private consultation with Us.

3.  Once San Villa is available and you have had a private consultation with RUFF, then schedule your dates in our scheduler.

Keep in mind that your follow up sessions are INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT to your dogs success and a key element to make the most of the progress your Trainer will make during your dog’s stay with us and the duration of your Dogs’s stay affects how much can be accomplished. Your dog will enjoy several training sessions throughout the week, Play-time with the Trainer, and when appropriate, participate in our play groups. The Trainer will focus on commands such as sit, down, Stay, come, walking, anti-jumping, and tricks. We like to post pictures and videos on or Facebook and Instagram sites for Owners to see their dogs progress! The fee is $150 a week.

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