Megan Tershner

Lead Trainer & Agility Instructor


I’m Megan, a lead trainer at RUFF Academy, whom is also a CGC certified trainer. I specialize in agility but also teach obedience and nose work. Also working on becoming a service dog trainer. All while fostering and working a full time job.

My house is a bit crazy. I live with my boyfriend, Nick, a chicken, an African grey, hedgehog, koi pond, a cat, a pot-bellied pig, and four dogs of my own. First came Willow, an English Springer. Her and I do so much together. Agility, service dog training, demo dog, pet therapy, and she helps on behavioral cases. Then there is Dragon, an American Staffordshire terrier. He loves to eat, sleep, and play ball. Missy Pig comes next. She is another American Staffordshire terrier. Her activities are eating, sleeping, farting, and recently Barn Hunt! Last but not least there is old man George. He is actually our newest family member. A 12 year old lab/shepherd mix. Very happy boy who loves treats and cuddles. 

In my free time I like to do other dog related activities. Some of my favorite things besides that include shopping, looking for new koi, gardening, road trips, thrifting, hiking, concerts, local wrestling events, and drinking wine. 

Goals for my future… learn as much about dogs as possible, to be able to quit my job in order to do more training, help as many dogs as I can, get Willow certified as a service dog, and Missy to become a Barn Hunt Champion!