Group Classes

Good manners learned through positive reinforcement and behavioral science.

Group Classes are a wonderful way to help build confidence and explore the world of training! 
In order to find good balance and proper manners, we have designed classes to cover everything from the basics to advanced and specialty training.

Puppy Playhouse

This course is a starting point for pups on their way to becoming well mannered and well adjusted members of the family. In this part of our Puppy Playhouse you will learn the beginnings of fundamental obedience and manners skills like sit, down, come, and leash manners. Great attention is paid to house training, curbing nipping, mouthing,  jumping, along with socialization and desensitization.
For dogs aged 8-20 weeks.

Puppy Playhouse
Basic obedience

Basic Obedience Level 1

Learn how to teach all of the basic commands and life skills and how to apply them in your day-to-day life with your dog. We also tackle specific behavioral problems your dog may be experiencing (excessive jumping & barking, inappropriate chewing, sidewalk vacuuming, etc).

Intermediate Level 2

This course builds on the foundations established in the puppy and basic classes.  We focus more on distance, duration and distraction.  We take what was previously learned and put it into real life scenarios.


Intermediate Handlers Level 2.5

This intermediate level course is all about handling skills, public work and confidence building.  We use the environment, proper training tools and positive reinforcement to achieve success in a variety of destination locations.

Canine Good Citizen & Pet Therapy

Do you trust your dog to start giving it some freedom?  Basic and intermediate are per-requisite courses to this level.

Communication, trust and respect need to already be established to ensure performance of your dog under the highest level of distraction : outdoors.

Small dog obedience

Small Dog Basic Obedience

This class covers basic household obedience (sit, down, come, walk nicely on leash, stay, etc). An emphasis is placed on small dog issues such as being touched, barking, and socialization.

For dogs over 5 1/2 months and less than 20lbs.

RUFF Sampler Pack

Get a taste of everything RUFF Academy has to offer! This involves 6 weeks of different activities to SAMPLE what all of our extra-curricular activities!  Treadmill, Agility, Fitness/Parkour, Canine Good Citizen, Nose Work, Doga and Tricks!!!
See what your dog likes and better yet, YOU like!



Agility 1

Burn off excess energy and build your dog’s confidence while strengthening the bond between you and your pet. These classes take place at the Plymouth location.



Nose Work Classes

While inspired by working dogs, RUFF Nose Work focuses on fun. As your dog grows more confident with his nose, target odors are introduced. Prepare for a lifetime of fun with your dog and RUFF Nose Work!




Advanced Tricks & Stunts 1 & 2

Everyone who loves their dog strives to find ways to enrich their canine companions life mentally and physically. Adding more tricks to your dog’s behavioral repertoire is an important part of that.  It is the perfect way to burn off all that excess energy while bonding with your dog. No prior experience necessary, any dog that likes getting treats will have a blast!



Parkour : Urban Agility

Learn parkour concepts and skills while exploring ways to burn physical and mental energy in safe, fun ways. In addition to parkour, elements of tricks and obedience are included to have a blast in smaller urban spaces.  Summer classes available May-September.




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