Day Train & Walk & Play

In-home training for the busy professional!

Ideal for busy professionals and families with precious spare time. Convenience from client’s home, neighborhood & community. Fosters human-dog communication skills. Success in a fraction of time compared to traditional classes. Personal training goals achieved quickly, effectively and efficiently.

Appropriate for all dog breeds, human ages and experience levels. Beginning training. Advanced training.
Behavioral modifications. Senior & junior (teen) trainers. Dog-friendly training techniques. Emphasis on dog and human health benefits. Ideal for human-dog traveling companions. Adds FUN to your life.

Day Train

RUFF Day Vacay.

Sit. Stay. Play.

Drop your dog off for two hours of training and play in and around town! This is a supplemental service where our trainers reinforce the training you are already establishing in class or private training. The reason for this program is to keep your dog’s skills and mind sharp, show your dog new ways to earn rewards and praise, channel energy into appropriate tasks and improve behavior in public areas.

Day Train – Single Session

Day Train – Six ( 6 ) Pack

Walk & Play

RUFF Canine

Fun. Dog. Fitness.

If you are interested in our day train program but would rather not drop your dog off, walk and train along with us for $10 a day! This is a great opportunity to train with your dog around various distractions in town as well as supervised playtime at our facility.

**Please be aware we go off-site and walk up to an hour and a half, weather permitting**

Walk & Play – Single Session

Walk & Play – Six ( 6 ) Pack

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