Meaghann Mueller

Intern / Trainer


Meaghann is a new member of our team.  She is currently completing an internship with RUFF Academy and accumulating skills through observations as she assists in numerous projects that RUFF offers. While excited to learn as much as she can in all areas, Meaghann is especially interested in obedience training, dog parkour, and canine behavior.  She looks forward to working with dogs and their owners to strengthen their relationships with each other. Her goal is to be a trainer and work with canine behavior.

As a mom of two young girls, a dog owner, and a student of human psychology, Meaghann is intrigued by the process of understanding and shaping behavior across species. 

Meaghann graduated from Silver Lake College with a major in Psychology and minor in Family Services in 2013.  While completing her degree, she studied learning theories, communication, and elemenvvts of family dynamics.  The skills she gained have supported her as a parent to her two daughters, and now as a dog owner as well.

 Meaghann’s dog Bailey was adopted as a rescue at 2 years old. She is a bundle of energy that is quick to learn new commands, but her energy has also lead her to struggle with staying calm in new and exciting situations.  The RUFF team enabled Meaghann with the tools and techniques to be the strong, positive leader in order to shape Bailey’s behaviors and have fun in the process. Meaghann is thrilled to have the opportunity to become a part of the RUFF community and appreciates all the knowledge and experience the team has to offer.